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KHS InnoPET Plasmax Coating Machines

PET bottles coated inside with SiOx for optimum quality, freshness, and shelf life

Our unique coating process coats the insides of plastic bottles with an ultra-thin layer of glass. This system combines the advantages of PET and glass to create an innovative and attractive packaging alternative. Because all PET bottles with the Plasmax coating are as clear as glass, your product is well protected, has a long shelf life, and a visually perfect appearance that is possible with no other barrier/coating process.

The result: Unadulterated taste coupled with consistently high product quality and excellent product appearance on store shelves. Moreover, the bottles are 100% recyclable and thus support sustainable production without having a negative impact on the recycling loop.

Fitting seamlessly into your production line, this machine enables you to produce high quality bottles with filling volumes ranging from 100 – 1,500 ml at an output capacity of up to 40,000 bottles per hour. The Plasmax coating technology offers outstanding attributes in the system: The energy-efficient technique of the PICVD process (Plasma Impulse Chemical Vapour Deposition), easy product changeover, and long service life ensure exceptionally high productivity. Our extensive and regionally well-established service network additionally assures you fast assistance whenever the need arises.

Special features
Design and programm
Energy consumption and sustainability
Optimum quality protection

The KHS Plasmax process is exceptionally suitable for all types of beverage and food products that have to be fully protected in a special way against the penetration of oxygen and other substances as well as from leaking valuable product.  We will assist you in ensuring that your product still has the same pure and fresh taste you would expect even after prolonged storage.  Our process thus sustainably strengthens your product and brand promise to retailers and consumers.  

  • Best possible retention of fresh taste
  • Reliable barrier provides optimum protection against the loss of vitamins
  • High quality, crystal-clear quality for premium products
The Plasmax process

Based on more than 10 years of experience in the coating technology market, with the Plasma system we have developed the most efficient and sustainable method as compared to the multilayer and scavenger methods. Our unique coating process uses pulsed microwave energy to heat process gases into a plasma state  thereby causing silicon oxide (SiOx) – or chemically pure glass – to subsequently be deposited inseparably on the inside walls of the PET bottle. This forms a uniform and crystal-clear protective coating over the entire inside surface of the bottle that is impenetrable for gas and many other substances.  The coating is free of residue and requires no further bottle cleaning or rinsing.  A continuous process control system ensures that each and every bottle is optimally coated.

Protective coating made of silicon oxide (SiOx)

  • Optimum quality and longer shelf life thanks to an absolutely impenetrable barrier
  • Invisible, crystal-clear protective coating for a visually perfect appearance
  • Low overall operating costs  by using standard preforms
  • Use of a very high share of recyclate possible without a negative impact
Our FreshSafe-PET® hallmark of quality

Consumers appreciate the benefits of PET - handling in particular. On the other hand, consumers attribute taste and freshness more to glass packaging.  The Plasmax process combines the advantages of PET and glass giving you every opportunity to secure additional buyers and sales options for your quality product.  Compelling are the light weight and safe handling in addition to top product quality of the high quality PET bottles with ultra-thin glass coatings produced with the help of the Plasmax system.  Make the invisible visible and make a convincing appearance at the point of sale with strong arguments.  

FreshSafe-PET® means:

  • Optimum safety for filling
  • Hallmark for maximum quality and optimum taste
  • Strong sales argument in the premium sector


Stands for premium with Plasmax coating. For more product protection and freshness!

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Machine models

We offer you two machine models for our Plasmax process.

KHS InnoPET Plasmax 12D

  • Output capacity: up to 12,000 bottles/hr
  • Bottle volumes from 100 - 1,500 ml
  • Ideal for converters and bottling plants

KHS InnoPET Plasmax 20Q

  • Output capacity: up to 40,000 bottles/hr
  • Bottle volumes from 100 - 1,500 ml
  • Ideal for use with big fillers
Optimum production reliability around the clock

Because we want you to run production reliably and with maximum economy our Service Hotline is available to you around the clock. Our KHS ReDiS (Diagnostic Service System) also offers you fastest possible diagnosis and effective remote maintenance.  This system enables our service engineers to access your system directly and thereby eliminate long traveling time and machine downtime.  Should an on-site service call become necessary however, you can rely on the fast response from a Plasmax specialist in your area.  

Your service with KHS

  • Personal point of contact is available 24/7
  • Innovative remote maintenance system  for rapid troubleshooting
  • Service engineers are locally available around the globe
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The maximum production efficiency and innovative technology of the InnoPET Plasmax systems – not to mention the low costs – are convincing.  Moreover, Plasmax systems have been tried and tested at a multitude of production sites for many years.

The systems available are the InnoPET Plasmax 12D equipped with 12 double stations and an output capacity of up to 12,000 bottles/hr and the InnoPET Plasmax 20Q system with 20 quadruple stations and an output capacity of up to 40,000 bottles/hr. With their ergonomic and space-saving design  you will profit from the ideal production conditions of both Plasmax systems.

The cost-effective Plasmax process is operated under vacuum and using microwave energy.  The process control system ensures that only optimally coated bottles are produced.

With our InnoPET Plasmax systems, you can rely on an energy-saving and highly efficient technology that enables you to run production economically and save on resources. Thanks to few wear parts and durable materials used, we are able to offer you an extremely low-maintenance machine with a very high level of machine availability.

PET bottles coated with silicon oxide are also 100% recyclable – an important aspect in marketing and at the point of sale.  The original composition of the materials remains unchanged.

Further information on our sustainability strategy is available here>>